Elite Design Concepts (EDC) was founded in 2011 with the intention of creating modified cars that deliver personalization and serve complimentary to the manufacturer’s intent with building the car. We are not afraid to go all out with modifications, including wheels and suspension; however, the key is to do just enough work without overdoing it to make a nice setup that is sure to stand out tastefully. EDC built vehicles are “Done Just Right, Never Overdone”


In 2015 EDC expanded its service line by launching its signature wheel catalog consisting of three-piece forged designs; EDC Wheels. EDC Wheels is based on three areas of mastery: Fit | Finish | Feel. Our wheels are built to offer superior fitment, detailed finish complimentary to the overall build, and producing the incredible feeling of standing out from the rest.


Vinnie Budhram, owner of Elite Design Concepts.


Founder & CEO